Choose Best Car Accident Attorney In Los Angeles

Car Accidents

Car accidents and very common and can happen anytime in the road. An accident can cause just a scratch or your car can face even more damage than you could never imagine. Car accidents are unexpected and you never know when you might face one. So to protect your car from extensive damage and save yourself from paying a fortune to repair it, you place your money in an insurance company. The insurance companies promise you to compensate when you face a car accident. But, not always does an insurance company pay the whole amount needed to compensate the accident. They convince you, make an offer and try to deal with the incident by paying you as minimal as they can. So you may feel that you have not been treated in a fair manner and that is when you need an attorney to help you fight for you rights.

There are many different scenarios for which you need an attorney to get a fair treatment. Let us have a look at those scenarios-

  1. The insurance company may try to compensate you an amount which is very less for the accident happened and settle the matter. Since the company policies does not help you out, hiring an attorney is the best way to get yourself justice.
  2. Sometimes people are not aware of all the policies and procedures that involve in such a scenario. So hiring an attorney will help you to understand all your rights and make you aware of the potential rights.
  3. Every state has a different set of law. So if you get yourself involved in an accident in different state, an attorney will help you to win a case where you are completely unaware of the laws present.
  4. If you fight the case alone or if you delay the case, then you may be unable to completely prove your case which will result in a loss and compensation you were expecting, costing you a fortune.

So as you can see the importance of an attorney, we will discuss about the top car accident attorneys in Los Angeles. Here is the list-

  • Jahrmarkt & Associates

Having an experience of over 20 years in this field, Jahrmarkt & Associates provides you with the best attorneys and help you win a case. They cover car, bike, truck accidents and even pedestrian accidents. They have also won the 2015 Top Lawyers in California award.


  • Barry P. Goldberg Law Corporation

They cover many accidents and personal injury cases.


Cohen & Marzban Law Corporation is part of Super-Star Lawyers who have won cases amounting to millions. Car and truck accidents are the major fields where they have won cases for thousands of clients. So you can easily trust them.


  • Girardi | Keese

Girardi | Keese have their offices in all over Los Angeles. They provide you with efficient lawyers who can help you win cases of many types. They won the 2014 Best Lawyers’ Best Law Firms award by the US News and World Report. So if you are in Los Angeles finding a lawyer, they are a great option for you.


  • Heimberg Barr, LLP

Heimberg Barr LLP won the Best Lawyers® Lawyer of the Year award in 2016 thus making them a top class attorney firm. They cover a wide range of car accidents and personal injuries. Their attorneys deliver you the best possibilities of winning a case.


This is one of the most trusted lawyer firm that you will find in Los Angeles. WestCoast have long term experience of over 30 years and they have won cases which amount to a billion dollars. They do no charge you until they win or settle a case making it easier for you to hire them. At WestCoast they have a multilingual service team which allows them to help people from different languages and communities.


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