Different Types of Private Schools for Your Kids

Private Schools for Your Kids

Apparently, schools are of two major types- the public schools and the private schools. The public schools are mainly funded by the local, state or central government and follow a pattern of curricula throughout the country. But, private schools are privately owned and funded by the board of trustees. While looking for best schools in Yelahanka Bangalore or elsewhere, parents prefer private schools more than anything else. This is actually, these schools have their own structure and students get more opportunity to learn varied things. If you want your kid to get engaged in extra-curricular activities or learn any foreign language, private schools are the best place to teach your children about varied issues.

Things Parents Check While Looking for Private Schools

Are you looking for new schools in Yelahanka Bangalore? Then, there are certain things you need to check out before enrolling your kid in it-

  • Types of classes
  • Rigorous academic procedure
  • More parental involvement
  • Special attention towards needy children
  • Standardized tests

Once you are satisfied with these criteria, you can enrol your kid in that school.

Types of Private Schools

When you will be in the field to look for the best private school for your kid, you will get completely confused. The brochures almost sound the same and each of them claims equal credibility. Now, you have to decide which type of school will be the best for your little one-

  1. Traditional Private School

Usually, these types of schools are non-religious and independent ones which create more opportunity to show students’ creativity.

  1. Language-Immersion Schools

Learning a second or third language often gives you a hike career-wise. Starting it from childhood is the best thing you can do for your kid. If you enrol him/her into a language-immersion school, they get the opportunity to learn a different language and that will help them in future.

  1. Boarding Schools

You all are quite aware of this type of schools and also know the fuss, created at home while enrolling your child in such a school. At initial days, your kid will find it difficult to get accustomed, but soon he will love the place. Enrolling in boarding schools means full-time educational immersion along with lots of extra-curricular activities. Besides formal education, students learn to be self-dependent, confident and they can be decision-maker too. These things will help them in later life.

  1. Montessori School

This is basically for kids and the system follows a child-based approach of educating them. While bringing up a child, schools play a key role. If you enrol your kids in a Montessori school, the teaching style and the environment will help them to grow and establish a healthy student-teacher relationship. This will only make them prepared for high school and life in future.

These are certain types of private schools where you can enrol your kids. Apart from these ones, there are private schools for special children. If your kid has autism or dyslexia, they can be taught in secluded schools where they are taken the best care of.


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