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house clean and tidy

How to keep the house clean and tidy – no cleaning lady!

If you organize it right and each one does his part, you can leave the housekeeping on time without anyone being overwhelmed. And there's plenty of time for family fun However, for this dynamic to work,...
Tablet, smartphone

Tablet, smartphone: how to help your child use technology as an ally

Specialist says limits need to be set and other activities encouraged Tablets, smartphones, cable TV, computer, internet, games of last generation. The "menu" of children's toys is great and causes concern in some parents and specialists. In...
Looking for a Matrimonial Bureau in Delhi

Looking for a Matrimonial Bureau in Delhi: Let’s find you a Perfect Match

So now is the right time for your marriage, as per your parents? Do you reside in Delhi? Lucky for you, there are quite a lot of options available in many parts of Delhi....

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