Reason Why Personal Inventory Questions Must Be Put During Assessment


When you hire a candidate, you expect him to work for the project assigned. But do you really consider other aspects like the way he will be speaking with the client or facing the team mates? If not, then probably you are paying too much to an employee who does not really show much of the abilities and skills that actually are required. To make sure in future, you don’t end up hiring the wrong candidate; here are few things that you need to understand when hiring the right person.

Only skills and abilities are not enough:

Things mentioned in the CV can be confirmed, and assessed and then further gone for the selection. But what about things that is not mentioned but is equally important in outlining working culture? Did it get that part, well it is about the behavioural pattern and the way the person would be representing himself to the client. This is the main reason that often times, you lose client. For every new and old client, communication plays a strong role and if that is missing, you probably will not be actually able to make the right use of the candidate. That is why; make sure you consider aspects further more than skills and abilities.

Know the behavioural traits:

With an accurate personality inventory questions, you will be able to assess the person in a right manner. The questions are solely designed to understand if the person whom you are planning to hire is the right one or not. That is why; such questions are put in a way that would be more similar to real life situation. It would give you a clear understanding on what the candidate will do in that situation. It ideally means, this is all about the strengths and weakness that you need to know about the candidate at the time of hiring.

Know their style of working:

Often candidates who work individually gives better results while those who work in the team don’t really show what exactly are they capable of. This somehow is unfair and as an employee it is expected from the candidate that the person should be flexible in terms of working with different mind-sets. The person that you would be working is expected to work to with the team as and when the requirement comes up. However, to make sure you don’t really choose the wrong person who can’t mix up with changing working environment and match with the trending project, it is better that you may a considerable research and choose the candidate after a careful study about them.

Whether you are starting up a new business or planning to expand your old one, it is always better to grow it in a right manner and for this, your job is to make sure you choose the right candidate who will not only contribute in accomplishing the projects but would make it a point to actually come up with new ideas and skills that would help your business grow in many ways.


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