Research shows that only 48% of mothers sleep more than 7 hours a day

Research shows that only 48% of mothers sleep more than 7 hours a day

The overworked woman, in addition to being less disposed to everything, is even more irritated and may become ill. See what you can delegate to your partner to have a longer rest time

The early months of a baby require dedication from fathers and mothers , but unfortunately, it seems they still take much more responsibility for caring for the new family member than they do, especially at night. This is what a study of the University of Southern Georgia (USA), made with 5,805 Americans, found.

Researchers found that only 48% of mothers sleep more than 7 hours a night, which is the minimum recommended for a good night’s sleep, compared to 62% of women without children. The nocturnal rest time of the men, however, did not have alterations independently of whether or not they live with small children.

“Unfortunately, there is still a culture of parenting that does not have to involve babies so much , but that has to change because it has negative consequences for the couple’s lives. The overburdened person, in addition to being less disposed for everything, including for sex, gets more irritated and can get sick, “says obstetrician Carolina Ambrogini (SP), a columnist for CRESCER. Therefore, outside breastfeeding, it can:

– Get up when you hear the child cry, especially at night, and take it to the mother to be able to breastfeed.
– Put the baby to burp.
– Change the diaper. If during the day the mother is the main responsible for the exchanges, the father can be responsible at night, for example.
– Put the child to sleep.
– Prepare and give the bath.

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