How to save children’s drawings: 3 solutions

children's drawings

Do you dare to throw away your child’s artwork , but you do not know where else to keep such paper? Calm! Check out three ideas to get everything in order, without giving up those precious memories:

1. Digital collection

Applications like ArtKive (free and available for Android and iOS) store the scanned jobs in the cloud. They can be arranged according to the child’s age and even shared with other users. You can maintain multiple profiles if you have more than one child, and print your favorite creations right out of the application.

2. Album of remembrance

If you do not give up the materiality of the works, you can put them all together in one book. It is not the cheapest option, but it helps to reduce the volume of works and still ends up with another problem: the difference in size between them. Nicephotos’ photobooks can be customized and delivered at home. The version with 15 x 21 cm and 23 pages (can fit up to six photos in each of them) costs R $ 69,90.

3. Art organizer

Even for those who do not want to get rid of jobs in any way there are ways to preserve them without taking up too much space. A4-sized drawings – or smaller – can be arranged in binders with plastic bags. Even the larger ones can be rolled up and stored in PVC pipes – be sure to put a lid so that the papers are not filled with dust.


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